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Thanks for stopping by!  I'm Jennifer.  Although my day job involves things like news anchoring and producing radio content, my actual job title is Wrangler of Kids, Cooker of Meals, and Kicker of Asses.  Some of my other jobs have been military spouse, talk show host, single mom, office manager, cow milker, and art teacher.  I learned about being thrifty and green as a little girl on the farm, back when it was called "Common Sense."  Growing up geographically and socially isolated in the rural south afforded me the space to think for myself and ask inappropriate questions.  Some of my most valuable life skills include the ability to make something out of nothing, curse fluently, and pass as a regulation American.  Let's party!

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Links I Love

Super Cook
This site lets you enter the ingredients you have, then spits out recipes.  INSANELY HELPFUL.

Crunchy Chicken
Another Seattle chick -- she puts the mental in environmental!

No Impact Man
Colin Beavin is the author of No Impact Man.  Read the book, see the movie, make a change, bitches.

Coffee With The Coaches
You know your crazy ass needs advice.  This is a great site run by Life Coach, Frugal Mom, Radio Personality, Motivational Speaker, and my very great girl friend, Laurie Hardie.  And it's free!

Did Not See That Coming: Hope for the Single Parent
This is the link to Laurie's forthcoming future best-seller.  You probably should reserve your copy right this minute.  Seriously.

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