Luxury on the Cheap
 The term Economic Disobedience came to my attention via an article about sociologist Lisa Dodson's new book, The Moral Underground: How Ordinary People Subvert an Unfair Economy.  It refers to an informal, yet increasingly widespread practice of people helping each other out with time, food, money, or resources within the context of rigidly unfair corporate structures, such as Wal Mart.

Guerrilla Economics has been mentioned in a variety of different articles and books, and there are several different operational definitions...

            ...But to me, they both sound pretty close.

Things like bartering would fall under these categories.  Refusing to use credit cards.  Growing your own food with heirloom seeds - nourishing your body and denying cash to Big Farm and Monsanto.  Paying cash.  Opting out of consumer culture.  It's all totally guerilla, totally disobedient  to the will of the corporate state. 

I love it!

As the gap between Haves and Have Nots continues disposable, mindless consumerism is held up to be the MOST OF US continue to struggle in a crappy economy that we didn't create, while those who destoyed it live on wine and caviar......while so many of us are stuck with low-wage or NO wage jobs...Economic Disobedience and Guerilla Economics will grow.  

Elections only come along every couple of years, but voting with our dollars is something we can do every day!  Even not  buying anything is still a vote.  ESPECIALLY not buying!

Here's the rub: economic disobedience ties in quite nicely with living thrifty, healthy, and green!

You ever walk or ride your bike instead of driving?  Ever decide to use Granny's old-time home remedy instead of dropping big bucks at the drug store?  Ever buy anything used?  Ever treated suspiciously because you paid cash instead of credit?  Then guess what!  You're an economic guerrilla too!

Welcome to the club!

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