Luxury on the Cheap
People say to me all the time "Oooohh Girl!  You look fabulous!  Where'd you get those bad-ass shoes?"  and "Dang, you look expensive!  How much dope did you have to sell to afford that outfit?"  Truth is, I do look fabulous. I have to.  I'm in the entertainment business, and I sell fun.  The other truth is, my fabulous outfits are cheap as hell.  "Why," you may ask, "are your outfits so cheap?  Do they match your virtue?"  To that, I would answer "Because they pay me in bumper stickers.  And it's too cold to go nekkid here. And shut the hell up." 

Point is, you don't have to spend a lot of money to look great and live well.  And because I'm a caring giver (Mama! Remember?) I'm going to share my tried-and-true, guaran-damn-teed, totally legal tightwad tips.

First tightwad tip:  Steal stuff from your job.  You know they don't treat you right anyway!  Where do you think I got this laptop?

Second tightwad tip:  Take magazines/ newspapers from the doctor's office or coffee shop.  Then clip and use the coupons!  It's frugal squared!

Third tightwad tip:  When you visit fast food places, make sure to stock up on free ketchup, napkins, mustard, salt, etc.  By never paying for these items again, you save literally TENS of dollars over a lifetime!

Okay, seriously.

Being thrifty is not the same as being a cheapskate or a miser.  It doesn't mean never having fun or dressing like a prairie dog.  It's using what you have with intent and purpose.  It means making smart, conscious choices with your resources so you CAN splurge on the things that are important to you - have a nest egg - build an emergency fund.  It means creating a way to live free from the slavery of debt. 

And believe it - debt IS slavery.  Who wants to be Wall Street's bitch?

I've been a single mom for a long time.  Before that, I was a starving college student.  And before that, I was a girl being raised in the country by parents who were raised by Depression-era homesteaders.  Some things I learned growing up; some I picked up along the way; other things I pulled straight from my ass.

So from my ass to your eyes - I humbly offer you the very best of my totally legal tightwaddery.  Enjoy!

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