Luxury on the Cheap
1.  Have massive guilt surrounding anything to do with spending money, especially on yourself.
2.  Surrender to low self-esteem.
3. Spend several years of your adult life broke - because necessity is the motherfungus of invention!

No, seriously.

You don't have to take the same hard-ass path to frugality that I did.  You can take baby steps!  You can do one thrifty, money-saving thing today!  Bring a sandwich to work instead of eating out.  Or, make coffee at home instead of driving through you-know-where. Think of how much money you spend on these items each week, then multiply by 52 weeks, and there's your yearly savings.  Believe it or not, those drops really add up. 

If that's an 8-dollar lunch.... multiplied by 5 days a week... times 52 weeks a year... plus a hypothetical 4-dollar coffee twice a week.... that adds up to....just under 25 hundred dollars!  Hot damn!  What could you do with that much money?

For more, listen to today's audio blog!

Much love,

Nacho Mama

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